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Find flowers near me is something which consumers search for everyday when looking to buy over the internet.  In 2014, people are using their smartphones to search for flowers and the main phrase they use is “find flowers near me.”  We picked up on this phrase because we have plenty of flower shops, florists ready to sell, sell, sell!  If you are interested we have a summer special going on right now where you can receive 10% off by using the coupon code “SUMMER” when making your listing..this is a savings passed on to you from the kindness of our hearts.  Please take advantage of the coupon code as you can use it to renew your listing as well.  Remember, you can always come back at anytime to upload new images and or update your information in case things change.  Plus, you have the option of listing an “event” when you are having a blow out sale or sidewalk sale.  In order to make a listing you will see it is very easy, once  you do it once  you can do it with ease.

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